December 1, 2007

Life's Ironic and Vexing Facts

These 16 points are life's perpetually annoying facts that you and I have to accept. Well, even if we don't accept them.. umm.. too bad! Life is rigid, tough luck.
I've written these points myself. They are not copied from any other resource. Copyrights are property of their respective owner*.
1. You will always try not to give in to the temptation of buying things you don't need, but you'll still do it.

2. If you are cyberslacking** at work and one person walks in, it has to be your boss!

3. If you're really scared of something, you'll dream of it one day or another.

4. It will rain on the day you take your vehicle to a car wash. And it will storm if you decided to wax it.

5. If you wanna increase the chance of spilling food or drinks on your shirt, try wearing a new shirt.

6. You will get more online pop-ups than personal e-mail messages.

7. At the least appropriate time, you'll have your most intense laughter.

8. If you lose your remote control, it's most probably in the couch. You just won't think of the place at the time.

9. No matter how hard you try, there are some words that you just won't pronounce right.

10. If you're running late or urgently need to pee, all traffic lights will turn red on you just before you get to them.

11. Your foot will hit something when you're walking barefoot, not when you have something on.

12. Some of your secrets won't be secrets.

13. If you're gonna drop your cell phone in the washroom, chances are, you will probably drop it in the toilet.

15. You almost have no chance of being richer and more famous than Paris Hilton.

16. You didn't notice that these points are missing number fourteen. And whether you did or didn't notice it, you know that I won't fix it.

The respective owner happens to be myself you scammers!!
**Cyberslacking: Engaging in your favorite time waster, the internet.


Rain said...

Hahaha.. this is hilarious! and so true!! I'm sure more than 5 of these 16.. ummm 15 points happened to everyone.

Keep 'em coming. Don't hide your posts for too long :)

MaximEyes said...

Oh yes they happen to all of us. I'm glad you liked it, Rain :)
I purposely don't write so often so that my readers would thirst for my posts :P

Rain said...

Hmmm... thirst is good, watch out for dehydration though :P