January 5, 2008

MAXFIN: The Series

I'm not a stereotyper. You cannot always generalize what is sometimes an individual fact. But I do believe that there are conceptions that are common between some certain groups of people. For instance, I believe that women are bad drivers and have bad navigation skills. However, not all women are like that. I know there are exceptions to the rule, but still, I know that what I'm saying is statistically significant.

You wanna hear another stereotype? Women love arguing; They relish controversy. It's a true fact! But we still love them because they're cute at other times. And that's why I'm dedicating this post (and the related posts to come) to all the men who are suffering from women's continuous harassment, and to all the women who are suffering from men's comeback.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my wife, FinalEyes. She's a sweet memorable character that I'm welcoming in my blog. She's only a couple of days old because she was born out of fiction. The reason I chose this name for her was merely because my name, MaximEyes, starts with M so I thought my wife's name should start with F to show the many differences and misunderstanding between us because of our gender differences. It's also possible that I've chosen this name for her because she always has the final say as to what we do and who we meet.

I really love my wife. And I decided to share with you some of our conversations to show you how things are between us. Here you go!

MaximEyes: You know what, sweetie? I love violins.
FinalEyes: Only SICK people love violence!