September 14, 2008

Copyright means Copy is not Right

Did you know? The song Happy Birthday was written by two sisters from Kentucky named Mildred and Patricia Hill. The original song was called 'Good Morning to All', it was used to greet the children of the school where Mildred and Patty teached. The song appeared for the first time in a book in 1924.

Anyway, my point is that the song we all know is copyrighted. If you use the song in public in the United States, you're meant to pay Time-warner/AOL for each performance. I'm serious. They make $2 million a year from it. The two women have passed away a long time ago but I don't think they ever made a nickel from it.

Copyrights are a serious issue. Google is filled with copyvios and I know one day I'll see my posts on one of them. so I decided to write my Terms of Use of this blog. You'll find it at the very bottom of each page on this website. Please spend a minute or two to familiarize yourself with it.

September 10, 2008

I Have Learned

I've been working all day and was bored out of my mind. I was waiting for something interesting to happen until my cell phone started ringing...

(ME for MaximEyes, WC for Woman Caller)

ME: Hello!
WC: Hi, the cell phone you gave me is not working.
ME: I think you got the wrong number, ma'am.
WC: What do you mean I got the wrong number?
ME: Ummm, I mean this is not who you're trying to reach.
WC: I'm calling Rogers. You are Rogers.
ME: No, I'm not Rogers. I told you this is the wrong number.
WC: Hey listen. You have to fix my phone because...

I hung up on her, went back to work, and learned that there are people who are more stupid than my boss.