September 9, 2009


So Apple decided to release its new iPod today, Sep 9th 2009. There's also this movie that is released today. This is a cool date, and I'll tell you why it's cool. This date represents the last set of single-digit dates that we'll see for almost a century.

Mark your calendars for January 1st, 2101.

February 3, 2009

Old Pickup Truck

He wears his jacket at the doorsteps with a sigh
as his wife Jade comes running to say goodbye
he gives her a hug
takes his mug
and he drives his old pickup truck

He sings his mother’s soothing serenade

as he sees his life all behind him fade
he prayed for Jade
and his antiques trade
it’s been a decade
since he got paid
But he’s happy in his old pickup truck

He sees a gas station on the highway
he pulls over to fill up at the pump
he hears a chug
in the engine’s plug
so he gets out of his old pickup truck

He kicks the car then opens the front hood
he swears at the day he saw this neighborhood
the truck is stuck
now, that’s bad luck
he decides to sleep in the damn pickup truck

The next day, he wakes up feeling dizzy
it’s a new day and he wants to get busy
there was a rotten duck
that the engine sucked
and it made the whole car smell pretty yuck

A homeless fart asks him for some change
so he tells him to smile once for a change
he pays a buck
to the geezer schmuck
then he rides his old pickup truck

He goes to work and finishes all alone
Feeling dead tired and sore to the bone
He’s finally home
To Jade he says shalom
He sleeps and dreams of the old pickup truck

January 27, 2009

ياللي حابس نفسك في الصفيحه

This is a poem that I wrote today. It has some hidden meanings and subliminal messages.

ياللي حابس نفسك في الصفيحه
خدها يا ابني مني نصيحه
سيبك من الفقري واللي تلاقيه إيحه
اتجوز الصريحه و إبعد عن القبيحه
فهمت ولا لسه ميحه؟
لو مافهمتش ركز معايا يا إبن المليحه
هكلملك الدنيا اللي فاكرانا دبيحه

الكلام ليكي دلوقتي يا ست دنيا
يا قاسيه و عامله نفسك كولونيا
ليه عماله تلطشي في؟
ده أنا ماليش في الشر وباكره الأذية
إتفائلت وقلت وشك حلو علي
كده برضه تغدري بي؟

ولاد الحلال يتعدوا عالصوابع
هم اتنين تلاتة صعب تلاقيلهم رابع
أما ولاد الحرام حتى على بيوتنا فاتوا
صدقت ستي لما قالت: اللي اختشوا ماتوا

على قد ما فيكي خير.. الشر برضه أكتر
الحقد موجود والبغض مولود
والظلم بقى إيه؟ الله أكبر
وانتي قاعده في منتهى البرود
شايفه غابه مليانه قرود بتهاجم أسود
القسوه بتسود والطريق شكله مسدود
بس القلب يعود يعزف نغمه عالعود
تشيل الجمود و تسبح رب الجنود
اللي بيفك قيود واللي هيشيل منك الدود
ده هييجي بالموعود ويبارك الوجود

ياللي حابس نفسك في الصفيحه
اطلع من الصفيحه دي ريحتها كريهه
اديني هزقتلك الدنيا وما فيها
اقف وقول بأعلى صوت ليها
لأ يا نبيهه
لا الصفيحة لي ولا أنا ليها
دي الحكاية مش عايزة بديهه
بس انتي مالكيش فيها
يا أنا يا انتي يا دنيا
و فيها لاخفيها