December 21, 2007

That'll Cost Ya, Sweety

To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness.
God bless Gustave Flaubert for speaking these Words of Wisdom. I remembered this quote when I read a rather funny article in the news this morning while having breakfast. I found it baffling at first, but it's funny nonetheless.
The story goes as follows: A Detroit bus driver was arrested after allegedly trying to pick up a prostitute while driving special-needs children to school on Wednesday morning. The 30-year-old man was arrested after he drove the bus up to a decoy officer posing as a prostitute working in the area and inquired about having sex with her. He only had one child on the bus and told the decoy officer he would be right back.

A few moments later he returned with three more special needs children on the bus and offered to pay the officer to have sex with him. He handed the undercover officer a paper with his name and phone number and was arrested on the spot
around 7 a.m. The driver said he had planned on dropping off the four special needs children, ages 5 to 9 years old at their school and return to have sex.

Now, how stupid is that? No discretion in front of the children whatsoever? Drop off the kids first, at least. My mind gets blown by people who are scooped out of their idiocy like that. Oh, and who gets laid at 7 AM? You know, a new study published in American Naturalist has found that hens in male-dominated groups rather initiate sex in mornings. The reason is that they (the hens) avoid the intense sexual harassment in the evening. So you're no different than CHICKEN, you caitiff!!! Well, Maybe I shouldn't blame him so much. It's a "special needs" bus after all, isn't it?

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