December 7, 2007

'G' is for Granite

My level G road test was today. Of course, It had to snow on the day of my test. But I didn't let the weather conditions affect my driving. My Chinese examiner's mouth smelled like rotten eggs. Now that was affecting my driving. I also received a text message while I was driving so that was another temporary distraction. Anyways, the good news is that I passed my driving test. Woohoo!

I was so happy. I called the close ones to let them know I passed and went to have lunch at some Chinese restaurant. On my drive down the multi-storey car parking, I miscalculated the distance from a huge granite pole and accidentally hit it. Maybe It's wrong to sing (while driving) the song that goes: I'm Boombastic say me fantastic touch me on my back she says I'm Mr Ro...mantic. I felt like crud, and decided to go to Urban Behavior to buy me something to cheer me up. So I went and bought a suit and a pair of leather gloves.

Now I'm left with scratches on my dented passenger back door and I gotta fix it soon because it looks ugly. The absurd thing is that my car never touched an object on the go ever since I bought it. But it did on the day I got my G license. Please refer to this post Life's Ironic and Vexing Facts.

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