November 22, 2007

Let It Snow

Today is officially the first day of snow in Toronto and the GTA. Driving to work was quite an adventure this morning. Though my car is all loaded up with winter tires and a good anti-lock braking system, yet I still felt out of control of the car at some points. Other drivers were being extra cautious, especially women. They were driving extremely slow it was getting on my nerves. I had to turn on my seat massager, put on some relaxing Smooth Jazz music, and munch on a granola bar. That worked, but I still got to work an hour late. Argh!

Look at the bright side, though. The scene around me was magnificent. The city was white as snow (duh!!). I marveled at how detailed the snowflakes looked. And those icicles hanging from tree branches also looked amazing. Oh, speaking of icicles, I highly recommend you to listen to the song "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm" on a snowy day, that's what I did. And to add the cherry on top, I got to work before my boss did. He got stuck in traffic too (tee-hee).

By the way, I never let the weather affect me negatively. I won't lie and say I'm looking forward to tomorrow's -9°C (-15°C with the wind chill factor). But there is nothing you can do about it except be prepared. So stop complaining! It's time to pull out the winter gear so you can hit the road with peace of mind.

Please drive safely, guys!

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