November 3, 2007

And the Blogging Begins

Dear miladies and milords,

If you're reading this, it means that you have clicked through to my little corner of the blogosphere. Thank you for reading. I am most grateful.

Let me introduce myself to you without sounding like those singles from the online dating websites.
I'm a strong believer in Jesus Christ. I am not a simple guy. In fact, I think I'm complicated. Hence, my reviews can be of the same sort. I'm blunt and brutally honest. Sarcastic at times kind of guy and proudly genuine. I get amazed by the simplest things. I like to better educate myself and I cherish good friendships. Also, known to spill and express my views freely and love listening to people's feedback on them.

I'm new to this blogging world. So I'm still fumbling around in the dark trying to figure out how this gets done. Though I've been reading a couple of other people's blogs for a while, I've resisted the idea of having my own. Maybe because I never thought that my writing skills were anywhere near impeccable. And I know for a fact that my posts won't be perfectly formed essays. But I thought that I could make this blog my writing training ground. I'll eventually get better and maybe I could use some suggestions from those who might proofread my posts. So I finally gave in. And you are now reading my first entry in a blog.

If you're still reading, I tremendously thank you from the depths of my soul and the core of my heart. And I sure hope you come back again.

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